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Eilisys is a young company, located in Pune, India. Focused on providing end to end solutions in the area of Payroll Management.

We are a flexible and entrepreneurial organization offering solid products and customer service, which have earned us an excellent reputation in the market. We pride ourselves in being a visionary company that is driven by core values. Central to our vision is the goal of transforming people. We believe that transformation happens as we enable each person to express the full potential she or he is vested with.

Customer intimacy promoted at all levels. Almost every professional is involved in a client-facing process. A young but experienced management team ensures that barriers of all kind are kept low to promote an open culture.

Together we build the organization and together we share in the profits. Each person can and knows that she/he can make a difference.

At Eilisys, our greatest asset is truly our people. They represent both our most important responsibility and our greatest opportunity. Much is written in business publications about generating 'sustainable competitive advantage' with products and services created to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our people are a critical element in being able to accomplish this. Our people observe customer issues and needs and translate them into product and service offerings which generate business opportunities and growth. Our people provide outstanding service to our customers to ensure that we keep the customers we have. And ultimately, it is only our people who can generate the innovative ideas that lead to sustainable competitive advantage.

If you would Like to associate with us please send your resume to