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Q. What is the hardware requirement to run Ascent Payroll software?
A. Any computer with Pentium IV processor and 256 Mb Ram is adequate to run Ascent Payroll

Q. What security is provided for using Ascent Payroll ?
A. 1. Different menus for different user groups.
2. Different levels for different users within the menu.
3. Optional password for menu item.

Q. What are the checklists available in Ascent Payroll?
A. Ascent provides employee-wise/salary head-wise variation report for a given month compared with last month.

Q. We have different allowances for the same grade. Can we handle this through Ascent Payroll software?
A. Yes you can. When the allowances are employee specific, you can enter the same at employee level.

Q. We have same allowances for the same grade. Is it possible that I enter one allowance at one place only and it will impact all the employees in that grade?
A. Yes. Ascent Payroll comes with a unique expression builder, wherein you can enter appropriate formula for that allowance and it will be applicable for all the employees in that grade.

Q. We have overtime based on certain salary heads. How do we handle this?

A. Ascent Payroll allows you to configure overtime parameters for your company. Where you can specify the different salary heads applicable for overtime.

Q. We have branches in 9 states. Is it possible to deduct profession tax as per the rules in respective state?
A. Yes. You can create various profession tax master files depending on states and attach it to employee locations.

Q. We spend more time on calculation of leave encashment. Can we automate this?

A. Yes. Ascent Payroll allows to configure leave encashment parameters. At the time of payroll processing, you have to enter only days and system will take care the rest.

Q. We have two companies. One is having 10% provident fund and another is having 12%. Can we handle this?
A. Yes you can. You can use two companies in Ascent Payroll. Configure one for 10% provident fund and second for 12%.

Q. Income tax rules change every year. How Ascent handles this?

A. Ascent payroll allows you to configure Income Tax Parameters. However, there are certain amendments that can not be handled through Income Tax parameters. In that case we send service pack to our customers under contract.

Q. We pay incentive/commission to our employees. We need to deduct extra income tax on that amount. Can Ascent handle this?
A. Yes. Ascent facilitates Income Tax calculation based on proportionate earning.

Q. Does Ascent Payroll calculates perquisite value of rent free accommodation?
A. Yes. It does.

Q. We need Salary JV in a format suitable for our Finance Package. Can Ascent handle this?
A. Ascent allows you to configure Salary JV the way you want. However, you can not design the output format through Ascent Payroll. In this case, you have two options. Either you can enter Salary JV manually in your finance package or we can customize this as per contract.

Q. What other facilities does Ascent Payroll Software provide?
A. Ascent provides free and easy to use income tax and payroll calculators. These calculators are handy tools for employees to quickly calculate their income tax.