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Total Cost of Ownership has been an industry catchphrase for years now, as IT managers and senior management in more and more corporates have come to understand that the true costs of your software go far beyond the mere cost of the software you purchase. In fact, the main components of the total cost of ownership are the costs of management, maintenance, installation and upgrades, service and support including training. When you choose software for Payroll Management it's best to choose the software that minimizes TCO.

The design of the Ascent Payroll is specifically aimed at reducing technical support, administration and end-user operating costs.

Easy Implementation : Rapid, still safe yet effective implementation process.

Incredible short learning curve : The perfect balance between incredible functionality and ease of use.

Computation Definitions : Computation Definitions give you the power to create user-defined formulas to calculate complex earnings or deductions. Thus eliminates customization.

Fully Parametric : Whether you are in manufacturing or in software business, you can define the rules applicable for your company.

Intelligent Upgrades : Upgrade patch detects the version you are having and makes necessary changes in your database.

Low Maintenance Cost : Free periodical upgrades and unlimited hotline support is available at a negligible cost.