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myAscentPayroll - Ascent Payroll's Employee Self Service (ESS) with a Cross Browser functionality (IE, Netscape and Firefox) on your intranet or internet is a perfect solution to lessen a typical paper flow associated with managing and administering employee information.

ESS is still a relatively new development as far as the industry goes, but it is evolving and as the additional functionality is being integrated, people have started accepting that it definitely plays an important role in reducing administrative burden. A wide range of functions those were previously the domain of HR or Finance departments is now carried out by employees themselves via ESS.
Employee Features:
  • Video Tutorials
  • View Payslip
  • View Income Tax Report
  • View Form 16 (Digitally Signed)
  • View Annual Salary Statement
  • Enter Previous Employment Tax Details
  • Manage Investment Declarations
  • Manage Personal Details
  • Income Tax Calculator
  • Survey
  • Manage reimbursement claims (FBP / Flexi)
  • PF Nomination and Declaration Form (Form 2)
  • View Current Salary Structure (CTC)
  • Leave Management
Administrator Features:
  • View a list of submitted and not-submitted declarations.
  • View a list of submitted personal information change request.
  • View user log summary report.
  • Approve personal details.
  • Approve actual investments.
  • Approve reimbursement claims.
  • Reset lockout accounts.
  • Reset password for one, all or new employees.
  • Configure user profiles.
  • Configure systems parameters.
  • Configure personal details options.
  • Configure survey.